Polestar advertising Co. is a company with extensive experience in the development of advertising campaign for companies of all sizes, providing services from developing an advertising strategy, photography, photo-retouching, graphic design, printing, cinematography, to the final products reaching target audience.


Founded in 1999, including our own in-house photography studio with a floor space of more than 2,000 square feet, we work in all categories of photography, plus our comprehensive photo retouching service. Our photographers are professionally trained with more than 10 years experience. They are dedicated to producing high quality work to our clients. In addition, our clients will be brought the latest of trends, ideas and professional advice, in order to give to the buying public a better product serviced with professionalism.


The cost could be reduced since our clients can enjoy a special discount when the required job includes both photography and design services. With our vertical line services, involving a smooth co-operation and understanding between our photography and design teams, clients can be free of worry about the complex processing of the job.

We have an outstanding ability to perfectly visualize our clients ideas, but in a competitive price range.